DuPont de Nemours Cemetery,
Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware

Photographed, Submitted & © by David M. Habben

Photographed, Submitted & © by David M. Habben

If you know of someone buried in DuPont de Nemours Cemetery,
or would like to volunteer to photograph and transcribe DuPont de Nemours Cemetery,
please email me.


Beardslee Florence Allen (Potter) Robb May 1, 1935 Aug. 21, 1995 Daughter Of
Alice Harvey Potter
William Samuel Potter
See photo
Bolling Infant Oct. 17, 1953 Baby Daughter Of Robert Hart Bolling, Jr.
And Joan (Ross) Bolling
See photo
Brown Caroline S. 1939 2010 See photo
Brown Henry I. 1938 See photo
Browning Mary Van Dyke (Harvey) Oct. 13, 1908 Nov. 26, 1979 Daughter Of Leroy Harvey And Renee dePelleport (duPont) Harvey
Wife Of Armistead Willis Browning
Mother Of Armistead Willis, Jr., Alice Harvey
I Made Me Gardens And Orchards
And I Planted Trees In Them Of
All Kinds Of Fruit.
Ecclesiastes 2
See photo
Bullock Leslie Halsey (Kitchell) Sept. 1, 1944 Sept. 13, 2006 Beloved Mother And Sister
Daughter Of Renee Carpenter Draper
William Jefferson Kitchell
See photo
Bush Joanna (DuPont) 1881 1942 See photo
Bush William 1874 1956 See photo
Cooch Edward Webb , Jr. March 22, 1920 Sept. 23, 2010 In Loving Memory Of...
Beloved Second Husband Of Nancy duPont
Buried At Welch Trace Cemetery,
Newark, Delaware
See photo
Crofton Gabrielle J. S. (Shubrick) July 20, 1835 Dec. 3, 1894 Sacred To The Memory Of...
Daughter Of Irvine & Julia d.P. Shubrick
& Wife Of Robert E. A. Crofton
Requiescat In Pace.
See photo
Crofton Gabrielle Josephine April 12, 1904 May 18, 1906 And His Daughter
Dau. of William Moore Crofton
Crofton Maude Aug. 30, 1868 Aug. 17, 1903 Sacred To The Memory Of...
Daughter Of Robert E. A. & Cavrilla J. Shubrick Crofton
Requiescat In Pace.
See photo
Crofton Robert E.
Dec. 18, 1834 June 21, 1894 Sacred To The Memory of...
Col. U. S.
Requiescat In Pace.
See photo
Crofton William Moore
Jan. 20, 1870 June 4, 1908 Captain 1st United States Infantry
See photo
D'Andelot Isabella Oct. 22, 1866 June 29, 1871 See photo
Davies Taleasin Hadyn May 19, 1916 April 6, 1967 Beloved Husband Of Marie Delpine (DuPont) Davies
See photo
Dean Paulina (duPont) May 25, 1925 I Am.
See photo
Dimier Pierre , M.D. ? ?, 1???
Dec. 1?, 1880?
Sacred to the memory of...
Aged ?0y
See photo
Dimmick Irene Sophie (DuPont) Oct. 27, 1845 April 1, 1877 Daughter Of Alexis I. & Joanna DuPont
And Wife Of Edward C. Dimmick
See photo
Donaldson Coleman DuPont Sept. 22, 1922 Aug. 7, 2009 Son of Renee and John Donaldson
See photo
Donaldson John W. , Jr. Nov. 5, 1920 Oct. 8, 2009 See photo
Donaldson Renee (DuPont) May 25, 1897 June 16, 1982 Daughter of Colemand and Alice DuPont
Wife of John W. Donaldson
See photo
Draper James Avery Jan. 31, 1909 Feb. 16, 1993 See photo
Draper Renee (Carpenter) Jan. 21, 1911 Jan. 28, 1991 Mother Of
Ne, Peg, Miss, Tor, Mouse
Wife Of James Avery Draper
See photo
Duer Sara (DuPont) Jan. 29, 1847 April 29, 1876 Wife of John Duer
and daughter of
Henry and Louisa DuPont
It shall be well with them
that ? God
Eccles. Y111.X11
See photo
Duer Sara DuPont April 25, 1876 May 19, 1876 daughter of John and Sara (DuPont) Duer
See photo
DuPont Aileen Madelon June 20, 1893 April 15, 1979 Daughter Of Antoine Bidermann DuPont
Mary Ethel (Clark) DuPont
See photo
DuPont Alexis Felix , IV
April 26, 1944 Feb. 5, 1986 Son Of Eleuthere Paul DuPont, Jr.
And Mary (Lewis) DuPont
Gunner's Mate First Class
Vietnam 1966-1970
See photo
DuPont Alexis Irenee Feb. 14, 1816 Departed This Life
Aug. 23, 1957
To The Beloved Memory Of...
Born Again Of Water
And The Holy Spirit
July 4, 1852
See photo
DuPont Alexis Irenee Nov. 24, 1909 April 2, 1922 Son Of Francis Irenee and Marianna (Rhett) DuPont
See photo
DuPont Alfred Victor April 18, 1833 May 16, 1893 To The Memory Of...
Son of Alfred Victor And Margaretta Elizabeth DuPont
See photo
DuPont Alice (Hounsfield) Dec. 7, 1833
Feb. 17, 1904
Wilmington, Del.
Beloved Wife Of Victor DuPont
Blessed Are The Pure In Heart,
For They Shall See God.
See photo
DuPont Amelia Elizabeth Jan. 3, 1796 May 24, 1869 In Memory Of...
Daughter Of Victor DuPont
And Gabrielle De Pelleport, His Wife
See photo
DuPont Ann (Ridgely) Feb. 21, 1815 Oct. 20, 1898 Daughter Of Henry M. Ridgely
And Sarah Banning, His Wife
Married Charles Irenee DuPont
May 11, 1841
See photo
DuPont Anna Victorine Sophie June 23, 1885
and died there
Feb. 26, 1886
Sacred to the memory of...
Daughter of Henry Algernon duPont
and Mary Pauline duPont
? shall gather the ?
? ? and carry the ?
See photo
DuPont Anne (Thompson) March 19, 1892 July 14, 1969 Beloved Wife Of Ernest DuPont, Sr.
See photo
DuPont Antoine Irenee June 18, 1879
Winterthur, Delaware
June 18, 1879
Winterthur, Delaware
Come unto them eternally
See photo
DuPont Averell Adelaide (Ross) Feb. 22, 1909 May 21, 1995 See photo
DuPont Catherine Barthelemie Pauline ? ?, 1874? ? ?, 1??? Sacred to the memory of...
Daughter of Henry Algernon duPont
and ? Pauline, his wife
See photo
DuPont Charles Irenee March 29, 1797
Charleston, South Carolina
Jan. 31, 1869
In Memory Of...
Son Of Victor and Gabrielle (de Pelleport) DuPont
See photo
DuPont Charles Irenee , Jr. Aug. 5, 1830 Jan. 7, 1873 In Memory Of...
Son Of Charles I. & Dorcas M. DuPont
Beloved In Life:
Lamented In Death:
Cherished In Memory.
See photo
DuPont Charles Irenee Aug. 15, 1859 Oct. 4, 1902 Son Of Victor & Alice DuPont
See photo
DuPont Charlotte Shepard (Henderson) Sept. 25, 1835 Aug. 19, 1877 To The Memory Of...
Wife Of Eleuthere Irenee DuPont
And Daughter Of
Archibald Henderson
See photo
duPont Coleman June 23, 1918 April 3, 1997 See photo
DuPont E. I. Dec. 31, 1941 Infant Son Of James And Helen DuPont
See photo
DuPont Edmond Aug. 23, 1906 Jan. 15, 1996 See photo
DuPont Eleuthera (Bradford) July 12, 1873 Feb. 14, 1953 Wife Of Henry Belin DuPont
See photo
DuPont Eleuthere Irenee Aug. 3, 1829 Sept. 17, 1877 Son Of Alfred Victor DuPont
See photo
DuPont Elise Wicfall (Simons) July 29, 1848 March 8, 1919 Wife Of Francis Curney DuPont
See photo
DuPont Elizabeth (Brandes) Swezey April 24, 1935
White Plains, NY
April 2, 2009
Chadds Ford, PA
Wife Of Francis Irenee DuPont
Mother Of
Robert Bolton Swezey, Dunlan Frederick Swezey
Daniel Horton Swezey
A Lady Loved By All Who Knew Her
See photo
DuPont Elizabeth (Everett) Nov. 4, 1886 Dec. 2, 1970 Wife Of Victor DuPont
See photo
DuPont Emile Francis May 28, 1893
Hagley House
Dec. 8, 1974
See photo
DuPont Emily Tybout (DuPont) April 17, 1913 Dec. 16, 1991 Wife Of Henry Belin DuPont, Jr.
Daughter Of Victor And
Elizabeth (Everett) DuPont
DuPont Ernest Dec. 5, 1880 Aug. 19, 1944 Son Of Francis G. DuPont And Elise Wicfall Simons
See photo
DuPont Ernest , Jr.
Nov. 17, 1903 Feb. 10, 1982 Commander USNR
Son Of Ernest And Josephine (Brinton) DuPont
U.S. Naval Reserve 1933-1982, Active Duty 1941-1945
Naval Citation For Services As Beachmaster During
Amphibious Assault On Iwo Jima, February 1945
And He Shall Be Like A Tree Planted By The River Of Water
Psalm 1.
? Pick
See photo
DuPont Francis Curney May 27, 1850 Nov. 7, 1904 Son Of Alexis Irenee and Joanna DuPont
See photo
DuPont Francis Irenee Dec. 3, 1873 March 16, 1942 See photo
DuPont Gabrielle Josephine De La Fite (De Pelleport) March 20, 1770 Nov. 6, 1837 In Memory Of...
Wife Of Victor DuPont
See photo
DuPont Greta Aug. 25, 1868 Dec. 29, 1878 Daughter Of Victor & Alice DuPont
Dulcima Delectissima.
Suffer Little Children
To Come Unto Me, And Forbid
Them Not, For Of Such Is The
Kingdom Of Heaven.
See photo
duPont Helen Louise (Rodgers) Aug. 9, 1914 May 21, 1975 Wife Of James Quinn duPont
See photo
DuPont Henry
Aug. 8, 1812 Aug. 8, 1889 Cadet At U.S. Military Academy West Point, N.Y.
July 1, 1829
Graduated & Promoted To BVT. Second Lieutenant
4th Regiment U.S. Artillery July 1, 1833
Resigned June 15, 1834
Adjutant General Of The State Of Delaware
May 16, 1846
Major General Of The State Of Delaware
May 11, 1861
See photo
DuPont Henry Algernon
July 30, 1838
Eleutherean Mills
Dec. 31, 1926
Son Of Henry DuPont And
Louisa Gerhard
Honor Graduate Of The United
States Military Academy, 1861
Brevet Major, U.S.A., Sept. 19, 1864, And
Lieutenant Colonel, US.A. Oct. 19, 1864
United States Senator From Delaware
See photo
DuPont Henry Belin Nov. 5, 1873 July 8, 1902 See photo
DuPont Henry Belin , Jr. July 23, 1898 April 13, 1970 See photo
DuPont Henry Belin , III March 6, 1932 Sept. 11, 1976 See photo
DuPont Henry Francis May 27, 1880 April 11, 1969 Beloved Husband Of
Ruth (Wales) DuPont
And Son Of
Henry Algernon DuPont
And Mary Pauline Foster
Founder Of
Winterthur Museum And Gardens
See photo
DuPont Hubert Irenee Aug. 23, 1900 May 19, 1980 Blessed Are The Pure In Heart
Matthew V:8
See photo
duPont James Quinn Nov. 8, 1902 Feb. 15, 1972 See photo
duPont Jane (Holcomb) Sept. 11, 1913 Aug. 1, 1985 Wife Of Pierre Samuel duPont, III
See photo
duPont Joan (Blaine) Oct. 25, 1918 Sept. 16, 2011 Married Sept. 6, 1941
Coleman duPont
See photo
DuPont Joanna Oct. 5, 1815 Aug. 29, 1876 To The Memory Of...
Wife Of Alexis I. DuPont
Her Children Anne ?
And Call Her Blessed.
Prov. XXXI.28
See photo
DuPont Joanna Dec. 2, 1906 March 9, 1919 To The Memory Of...
Eldest Daughter Of
William and Joanna DuPont Bush
? measure not in
? ?ed days
? ? score or years
? the ?
See photo
DuPont Josephine (Anderson) March 11, 1852 Feb. 12, 1943 Wife Of Victor DuPont, Jr.
See photo
DuPont Lammot April 13, 1831 March 29, 1??6 Son Of Alfred V. and Margaretta (Lammot) DuPont
See photo
DuPont Lionel May 20, 1882 Sept. 20, 1882 Son Of Francis C. and Elise W. DuPont
See photo
DuPont Louisa (Gerhard) Sept. 25, 1816 March 8, 1900 Wife Of Henry DuPond
Married July 15, 1837
??? of the rightoues ? in the
and of God but they are in peace.
See photo
DuPont Louisa Gerhard Feb. 23, 1845 July 2, 1863 Sacred
To The Memory Of...
Daughter Of Henry And Louisa DuPont
Aged 18y 4m 7d
Let the most loving of you all,
Say, not a ? ? o'er her fall
He giveth his beloved sleep.
Them also which sleep in Jesus
will God bring with him.
Th? IV.??
See photo
DuPont Margaret (Dick) Sept. 14, 1902 March 28, 1972 Wife Of Emile Francis DuPont
See photo
DuPont Margaret (Lewis) July 17, 1900 May 5, 1985 See photo
DuPont Margaretta Elizabeth (Beck) April 29, 1807 April 13, 1898 Wife Of Alfred Victor DuPont
And Daughter Of
Daniel Lammot and Susanna Beck
See photo
DuPont Marianna (Rhett) Dec. 16, 1875 May 9, 1967 Wife Of Francis Irenee DuPont
See photo
DuPont Mary (Belin) Sept. 23, 188?9? June? 13, 1913 Daughter Of Henry and Isabella D'???delot Belin DuPont
See photo
DuPont Mary Constance Feb. 10, 1854 Sept. 3, 1854 Daughter of Henry & Louisa duPont
aged 6m 24d
He shall gather the lambs with
His arm and carry them in
His bosom.
See photo
DuPont Mary Pauline (Foster) April 19, 1849 Sept. 20, 1902 Wife Of Henry Algernon DuPont
Daughter Of Herman Teneyck
Foster And Mary Pauline Lentilhon
On Her Lips Was The Law
Of Kindness!
Lo I Am With You Always.
See photo
DuPont Mary Sophie (DuPont) Dec. 3, 1834 Dec. 27, 1869 Daughter Of Alfred V. DuPont
And Wife Of
Charles I. DuPont, Jr.
See photo
DuPont Mary Van Dyke April 19, 1826 Sept. 25, 1909 In Memory Of...
Daughter Of Charles I. & Dorcas M. DuPont
She Stretcheth Out Her Hand
To The Poor; Yea, She Reacheth
Forth Her Hands To The Needy.
She Openeth Her Mouth
With Wisdom, And In
Her Tongue Is The
Law Of Kindness.
Prov. 31:20, 26
See photo
duPont Olivier E. A. J. April 29, 1970 Jan. 10, 1999 In Memoriam
See photo
DuPont Paul Louis Aug. 19, 1882
and died there
March 7, 1883
Sacred to the memory of...
Twin sons of Henry Algernon DuPont and of ???? DuPont
See photo
DuPont Pierre Irenee Aug. 19, 1882
and died there
Aug. 12, 1882
Sacred to the memory of...
Twin sons of Henry Algernon DuPont and of ???? DuPont
See photo
duPont Pierre Samuel , III Jan. 1, 1911 April 9, 1986 Husband Of Jane (Holcomb) duPont
See photo
DuPont Reginald Ashby Sept. 11, 1885 Nov. 4, 1885 Son Of Francis C. And Elise W. DuPont
The Lord gave and the Lord taketh away
Blessed be the name of the Lord.
See photo
DuPont Ruth (Vallett) Aug. 22, 1934 May 17, 2000 Wife of Edward Bradford DuPont
See photo
DuPont Ruth (Wales) June 10, 1889 Nov. 7, 1967 Beloved Wife of Henry Francis DuPont
And Daughter Of
Edward Howe Wales
And Ruth Hawks
Her Simplicity, Humor,
Forthright Kindness,
And Shining Integrity.
See photo
DuPont Samuel Francis June 14, 1865 Aug. 27, 1893 Son Of Victor & Alice DuPont
See photo
DuPont Samuel Francis
? ?, 1??? ? ?, 1??? Rear Admiral U.S. Navy.
See photo
DuPont Sophie Madelein (DuPont) Sept. 18, 1810 Eleutherian Mills Jan. 9, 1888Leouviers Daughter Of Eleuthere Irenee DuPont
And Wife Of Rear Admiral Samuel Francis DuPont
She Being Dead But Yet Speaketh
See photo
DuPont Theodore Hume Oct. 6, 1883 Nov. 21, 1911 Son Of Francis C. and Elise W. DuPont
See photo
DuPont Thomas Mackie Aug. 21, 1852 Sept. 29, 1852 Son Of Alexis Irenee DuPont
And Joanna His Wife.
Aged 1m 13d
???? II Kings ????
See photo
DuPont Victor Oct. 1, 1767
Jan. 30, 1827 Sacred To The Memory Of...
Son Of Pierre Samuel DuPont DeNemours
See photo
DuPont Victor May 11, 1828 May 13, 1888 Pure Religion And Undefiled
Before God And The Father Is
This: To Visit The Fatherless
And Widows In Their Affliction,
And To Keep Himself Unspotted
From The World.
James 1:27
See photo
DuPont Victor , Jr. June 30, 1852 June 14, 1911 Son Of Victor & Alice DuPont
See photo
DuPont Victor Feb. 19, 1882 Aug. 23, 1943 Son Of Victor DuPont, Jr. & Josephine A. DuPont
See photo
DuPont Victor , Jr. Sept. 15, 1911 Nov. 18, 1978 Son Of Victor DuPont And Elizabeth Tybout Everett
See photo
DuPont Victor Marie Jan. 6, 1935 Sept. 8, 2009 Son Of Victor DuPont, Jr. And Marie Louise Hulbert
See photo
DuPont Victorine Antoinette Jan. 29, 1865 Nov. 26, 1876 Daughter Of Charles I. DuPont, Jr.
And Mary Sophie DuPont
A Life
Beautiful As Brief,
Happy In Itself,
And A Blessing To Others.
See photo
DuPont William Kemble March 29, 1875 Dec. 20, 1907 Son Of Lammot And Mary Belin DuPont
See photo
Elrick Elise (duPont) June 21, 1902 March 24, 1984 And We Shall Be Caught
Up Together
See photo
Garrett David John July 20, 1936 Oct. 17, 2006 See photo
Garrett Mary Harvey (Potter) Kitchel June 6, 1932 Dec. 8, 2004 Daughter Of Alice Harvey Potter
And William Samuel Potter
See photo
Greenewalt Charlotte Kemble (Simonds) June 27, 1927 Aug. 15, 2007 Daughter Of Frederick William Simonds
Mary Ethel Simonds
See photo
Greenewalt David March 26, 1931 Oct. 21, 2003 Son Of Crawford Hallock Greenewalt
Margaretta (Lammot) Greenewalt
See photo
Harvey Edmund Huxley July 23, 1911 April 11, 1978 Son Of LeRoy Harvey
And Renee dePelleport duPont Harvey
Husband Of Jeanne (Bright) Harvey
Father Of
LeRoy, Edmund Huxley, Jr., Holger Hoiriis
William Andre, Bruce Ford, Sally Lane
See photo
Harvey Jeanne (Bright) Oct. 24, 1916 Oct. 16, 1982 Daughter Of Samuel James Bright
And Grace (Kalb) Bright
Wife Of Edmund Huxley Harvey
Mother Of
Holger Hoiriis, William Andre
Bruce Ford, Sally Lane
See photo
Harvey Kai-Uve Morgan Oct. 8, 1970 Oct. 24, 1983 Son Of Bruce Ford Harvey
And Barbara Grimm Carter
Brother Of
Annie Laurie Harvey
And Samuel Bruce Harvey
I Am The Resurrection. I Am The Life.
He Who Believes In Me Shall Have New Life
Camp Arrowhead Eucharistic Hymn
See photo
Harvey LeRoy April 28, 1873 Feb. 15, 1928 Son Of Huxley Harvey And
Mary Belt Harvey
See photo
Harvey Renee dePelleport (duPont) Feb. 28, 1874 Jan. 2, 1927 Wife Of LeRoy Harvey
See photo
Held Ethel Crofton (Hunt) March 14, 1902 Oct. 30, 1971 In Loving Memory
Daughter Of
Colonel Henry Jackson Hunt
And Mary Ethel (Crofton) Hunt
See photo
Held Oskar Eduard Heinrich Nov. 3, 1904 March 22, 1981 In Loving Memory
Son Of
Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Held
And Anna Henriette Gerhardine tOm Diech Held
See photo
Homsey Samuel Eldon Aug. 29, 1904 May 22, 1994 Son Of Elias Samuel Homsey
Margaret (Sabbag) Homsey
See photo
Homsey Victorine (duPont) Nov. 27, 1900 Jan. 6, 1998 Daughter Of
Antoine Bidermann duPont
Mary Ethel (Clark) duPont
See photo
Johnston Delphine (Davies) MacDonald April 21, 1941 Jan. 22, 2011 Daughter Of
Marie Delphine duPont Davies
And Taleasin Hadyn Davies, Jr.
See photo
Jones Richard I. G. March 9, 1938 Jan. 11, 2007 See photo
Kirkland-Sturges Katherine Glasgow Reynolds Feb. 20, 1941 Dec. 25, 2005 In Loving Memory Of
Buried In Scottsdale, Arizona
See photo
Kitchel William Lloyd , II May 17, 1929 March 15, 1978 Husband Of
Mary Harvey Potter Kitchel
See photo
Kitchell William Jefferson July 17, 1907 Oct. 4, 1973 Father Of
Renee, Margaretta, Nancy
Carol, Leslie
See photo
Layton Rodney Mustard July 9, 1921 April 14, 1983 In Memoriam
See photo
Lunger Harry William Feb. 8, 1905 July 31, 1976 In Loving Memory Of
In Quietness And In Confidence
Shall Be Our Strength
See photo
Lunger Jane (duPont) June 20, 1914 Sept. 18, 2001 In Loving Memory Of
Arise, Shine, For Your Light
Has Come, And The Glory Of The
Lord Has Dawned Upon You
Isaiah 60:1
See photo
Lunger Philip duPont 1935 2001 See photo
Maddox Francis James April 23, 1906
At Louviers
April 24, 1906
At Louviers
Son Of George Amory Maddox
And Alicia Maddox
See photo
May Ursula (Keller) Sept. 26, 1928 April 16, 1991 Beloved Wife Of
Irenee Dupont May
Devoted Mother And Friend
See photo
May Wilson Cary Nicholas April 21, 1965 April 30, 1992 Son Of Irenee (DuPont) May
And Ursula Keller May
Life Is Eternal
Death Is Only A Horizon
A Horizon Is Nothing
Save The Limit Of Our Site
See photo
O'Donnell Christen (Lawler) Jan. 11, 1986 Aug. 12, 1998 In our hearts she lives on
See photo
Ross Donald P. , Jr. July 29, 1932 June 30, 2000 Husband, Father,
Grandfather & Friend
See photo
Ross Donald Peabody Nov. 5, 1902 Oct. 11, 1973 Husband Of Wilhelmina (DuPont) Ross
Son Of Walter Lewis Ross And
Julia Peabody (Chandler) Ross
See photo
Ross Susan (Wyckoff) Dec. 6, 1934 Feb. 23, 1993 Wife Of Donald P. Ross, Jr.
See photo
Ross Wilhelmina (DuPont) July 17, 1906 June 25, 2000 Wife Of Donald Peabody Ross
Daughter Of William Kemble DuPont And
Ethel (Hallock) DuPont
See photo
Sharp William Miller Wardrop , Jr. Jan. 2, 1966 July 7, 1991 Son Of William Miller Wardrop Sharp
And Elizabeth Adams
See photo
Shubrick Irvine
Nov. 15, 1797
Charleston, South Carolina
April 5, 1849
Wilmington, Delaware
Sacred To The Memory Of
Of The U.S. Navy
See photo
Shubrick Julia Sophie (DuPont) June 3, 1806 Feb. 8?, 1882? In Memory Of
Daughter Of Victor & Gabrielle J. DuPont
And Wife Of Commander Irvine Shubrick
See photo
Sieglaff Renee duPont (Potter) July 5, 1939 Sept. 18, 2006 Wife Of Peter Maynard Sieglaff
See photo
Smith Edgar Newbold July 20, 1926 Jan. 18, 2013 See photo
Smith Eleuthera (DuPont) Dec. 7, 1806 Jan. 1, 1876 Daughter Of Eleuthere Irenee DuPont.
And Wife Of
Thomas Mackie Smith, M.D.
God is our refuge and strength,
a very present help in trouble.
Psalm XLVI:1stv.
Asleep in Jesus, precious sleep
See photo
Smith Lewis duPont Nov. 1, 1956 Aug. 12, 2011 Beloved Husband & Father
Brief Is The Pain But
Joy Shall Be Eternal
See photo
Smith Margaret (duPont) Feb. 16, 1930 Sept. 20, 2009 See photo
Smith Thomas Mackie , M.D. June 27, 1809 Jan. 21, 1852 Here Rests In Hope
The Body Of...
As for me, I will behold thy face
in righteousness. I shall be satisfied
when I awake with thy likeness
Ps. 17:15.
Asleep in Jesus, precious sleep
See photo
Stabler Winder Laird , Jr. May 2, 1930 Feb. 24, 2008 Beloved Husband, Father,
Grandfather And Brother
Son Of Winder Laird Stabler
Jane (Ramsay) Stabler
See photo
Starring Mason Brayman , III Sept. 25, 1923 Aug. 3, 2006
Starring Nancy D. (Donaldson) May 14, 1926 Sept. 11, 2009 Daughter of Renee and John Donaldson
Wife of Mason B. Starring, III
See photo
Streitwieser Frank X. 1939 See photo
Streitwieser Katherine B. 1941 1993 See photo
Waters Margaret Irene (duPont) June 5, 1935 Nov. 17, 2011 See photo
Waters Margaret Laulie (Howle) July 7, 1964 Nov. 26, 2004 Sister Of David Bagby Waters
See photo

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