Alexander County, Illinois

The First County in Illinois to be organized on December 8, 1818. The Act of Legislature signed in Kaskaskia on March 4, 1819 by Governor Shadarack Bond. Settlement began about 1805 inhabited by Indians and transients. Most of the county was settled by people mostly from Kentucky and Tennessee.

County Seats:
Unity - 1833-1845; Thebes - 1845-1859; Cairo 1859-Present.

Hi, I am Kim Hendrix and would like to welcome to the Alexander County, Illinois Cemeteries Project. If you would like to contribute headstone photos, obituaries or would like to transcribe and take pictures of the headstones in any cemetery in Alexander County, please email me.

If you have any information on a cemetery in Alexander County, please email me.


Alexander County Poor Farm Cemetery McClure Township  
Bankert Cemetery
aka Bankart Cemetery
Baumgarde Cemetery
aka Baumgart Cemetery
Miller City Township  
Beech Grove Cemetery Cairo Township  
Birk Farm Cemetery Thebes Township  
Bracken Cemetery    
Brockett Cemetery
aka Martin Cemetery
West Township  
Brown Homestead Cemetery Thebes Township  
Cauble Cemetery Thebes Township  
Cavender Cemetery Thebes Township  
Childers Cemetery
aka Tamms Cemetery
Clutts Cemetery Cairo Township  
Cummins Cemetery    
Duck Pond Cemetery McClure Township  
Elco Cemetery Elco Township  
Fayville Cemetery Thebes Township  
Fox Grove Cemetery
aka Fowler Grove Cemetery
Big Rock Township  
Garner Cemetery Thebes Township  
Hargis Cemetery Tamms Township  
Hazelwood Cemetery Elco Township  
Hobbs Cemetery Thebes Township  
Hodges Cemetery Athensville Township  
Honey Cemetery    
Hulen Cemetery Athensville Township  
Hutchison Cemetery Thebes Township  
Johnson Farm Cemetery Cache Township  
Lake Milligan Cemetery Cache Township  
Lindsay Cemetery
aka Lindza Cemetery
aka Lindsey Cemetery
McClure Township  
McClure Cemetery McClure Township  
McCrite Cemetery    
McCrite Cemetery Tamms Township  
McDaniel Cemetery Athensville Township  
McRaven Cemetery McClure Township  
Miller Cemetery Tamms Township  
Miller Cemetery Tamms Township  
Miller Cemetery Tamms Township  
Mobile Cemetery Athensville Township  
Mount Zion Cemetery Tamms Township  
Oak Grove Cemetery
aka White Oak Cemetery
Olive Branch Cemetery Tamms Township  
Palmer Cemetery Elco Township  
Parker Cemetery Cache Township  
Phillips Cemetery McClure Township  
Provo Cemetery Tamms Township  
Richland Cemetery Unity Township  
Richwood Cemetery
aka Atherton Cemetery
Athensville Township  
Rose Hill Cemetery Thebes Township  
Sammons Cemetery Thebes Township  
Santa Fe Cemetery Thebes Township  
Schendler Cemetery    
Sextons Creek Cemetery Tamms Township  
Sheffer Cemetery Elco Township  
Sims Cemetery Elco Township  
Solomon Hill Cemetery Unity Township  
Stretor Cemetery Athensville Township  
The Seven Mile Graveyard Cache Township  
Thebes Cemetery Thebes Township  
Thompson Cemetery Thebes Township  
Twente Cemetery Thebes Township  
Unity Cemetery Unity Township  

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