Center Grove Cemetery,
Greenwood Township, Christian County, Illinois
Est. 1872

Submitted & © by: Joan (Pearson) Blood

Submitted & © by: Joan (Pearson) Blood

Photographed, Transcribed, Submitted & © by: Joan (Pearson) Blood

There was once a church here, but there is no evidence of it any more.
It is well kept, no fence, but a lot of the stones have been destroyed over time.
It is just around the corner from Antioch Cemetery. It is said that both of these Methodist Church cemeteries came from a split in the congregation of one church.

If you know of someone buried in Center Grove Cemetery, or can identify any of the unknown headstones, please email me.


  ???? Bennie   ???? Son of ? & ? ???
See photo
  ???? Susan   ???? Dau. of ???
See photo
  Unknown 1 ????   ???? See photo
  Unknown 2 ????   ???? See photo
  Unknown 3 ????   ???? See photo
  Unknown 4 ????   ???? See photo
  Unknown 5 ????   Oct. 28, 1??? Aged 27y
See photo
  Unknown 6 ????   ???? See photo
  Unknown 7 ????   ???? See photo
  Unknown 8 ????   ???? See photo
  Allen Anna E.   May 22, 1894 Dau. of H. H. & L. N?. Allen
Aged 10y 3m ?d
See photo
  Allen Edward J. Feb. 9, 1888 Aug. 7, 1910 Son of Henry H. Allen & Wife
See photo
  Allen Henry H. May 3, 1853 April 1, 1934 Gone But Not Forgotten.
See photo
  Allen J. J.   Aug. 28, 1897 Aged 84y 1m 12d
See photo
  Allen Louisa J. Feb. 9, 1850 Oct. 19, 1915 Gone But Not Forgotten.
See photo
  Allen Mildred J.   Jan. 26, 1876 Wife of J. J. Allen
Aged 57y 6d
See photo
  Arkbauer Anne Frederica   Sept. 6, 1881 Dau. of ? & M. Arkebauer
Aged ???
See photo
  Busby     1883 Son of E. Busby
  Busby Amanda J. Feb. 12, 1838 April 29, 1911 See photo
  Busby Grandma S. 1795
Nichols Co., KY
Nov. 26, 1893 Aged 98y 1m 23d
Married 1815
Mathew Busby
See photo
  Busby Ira April 9, 1877 Jan. 30, 1894 See photo
  Busby Ira E.   Aug. 8, 1889 Son of I. & C. J. Busby
Aged 1y 9m 20d
Sleep on sweet baby
and take thy rest.
God called thee home
he thought it best.
See photo
  Busby L. O. 1873 1910 See photo
  Busby Madison June 9?, 1821 Jan. 20, 1893 See photo
  Busby Otto 1875 1930 See photo
  Busby P. G.   1875  
  Busby S. E. 1878 1887 See photo
  Carpenter Clary L.   Oct. 6, 1878 Dau. of B. & S. Carpenter
Aged 1y 2m
See photo
  Coffey Infant   ???? Infant Son of W. A. & M. E. Coffey
See photo
  Coffey M. E.   ???? Aged ?y ?m 17d
Wife of ? Coffey
See photo
  Coffey William A.     very old stone
See photo
  Dennison Cora Feb. 8, 1880 Dec. 18, 1894 Dau. of W. A. & M. A. Dennison
See photo
  Dennison Infant   April 14, 1885 Infant of W. A. & M. A. Dennison
See photo
  Dennison Mary A. 1855 1916 His Wife
Wife of William A. Dennison
See photo
  Dennison William A. 1849 1906 His Wife
Wife of William A. Dennison
See photo
  Garrison ????   ? 2?, 1880 Aged ?y ?m ?d
See photo
  Garrison Marion? July 2, 18?? Feb. 13, 187? Aged ?m 1d
See photo
  Garrison Rebecca   Sept. 13, 18?? Wife of A. G. Garrison
See photo
  Gregory Minzo   Nov. 4, 1884 Son of M. & M. Gregory
Aged 11m 27d
See photo
  Griggs Eliza J.   May 27, 1875 Wife of H. S. Griggs
Aged 32y 5m 9d
See photo
  Hamel ????   ??? See photo
  Harrison Benjamin   April 30, 1880  
  Hathaway Maggie J. Dec. 2, 1882 Nov. 4, 1883 Daughter of E. H. & L. E. Hathaway
Aged 11m 2d
See photo
  Hayes Chester Floyd     See photo
  Jones Charles D.   1879  
  Jones J. D.   1872  
  Kester Ira K.
    Civil War
  Randle ????     See photo
  Randle H. L.   July 21, 1879 Aged ?y 29d
See photo
  Randle Jemima   June 1, 1892 Wife of H. L. Randle
  Redman Harriet   Feb. 18, 1900 Aged 75y
  Skinner Elroy   March 12, 1903 Son of J. N. Skinner
Aged 41y 10m 4d
See obit
  Skinner Ettie   Sept. 26, 1882 10 month old Dau. of Jasper N. & Julia Ann (Busby) Skinner
See photo
  Skinner Jasper N.
Aug. 30, 1902 Civil War
See obit
  Smith Mary J.   Oct. 31, 1884 Dau. of J. H. & K. Smith
Aged 7m 25d
Parents weep not for me
Sleep so sweet in Jesus.
J. S. Culver
See photo
  Stevens Charles 1873 1873 See photo
  Stevens Eugene   1900  
  Stevens Helena 1874 1874 See photo
  Stevens Josephine 1881 1892 See photo
  Stevens Lorena 1874 1874 See photo
  Stevens Nellie   1901  
  Travis Burtila June 30, 1872 July 25, 1??? Son of R. & D. A. Travis
See photo
  Wallace Guy?   18?? Son of A. C. & S. E. Wallace
See photo
  Wyman Mary E.   Feb. 1, 1890? Wife of Charles M. Wyman
Aged 45y 5m 22d
See photo

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