Finley Cemetery,
South Fork Township, Christian County, Illinois

Photographed, submitted & © by Joan Blood & Christian County Genealogy Society

If you know of someone buried in Finley Cemetery, please email me.


  Berry David J.   Aug. ?, 1845 Son of George D. & Elizabeth Berry
Aged 6m
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  Berry Elizabeth   Jan. 18, 1846 Wife of George D. Berry
Aged 38y 3m 2d
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  Berry Elizabeth   Aug. ?, 1852 Dau. of George D. & Elizabeth Berry
Aged 20y
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  Clark Abner   March 10, 1870 Aged 48y 3m 27d
  Clark Infant   Sept. 1, 1864 Infant Son Of A. & M. Clark
  Clark Matilda June 4, 1830 Jan. 19, 1915  
  Council Alice E.   Oct. 26, 1829 Dau. of A. M. & M. Council
Aged 7y 7m 2d
  Council Aquilla June 15, 1805? July 13, 18?7 Father
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  Council James   Nov. 7, 1839 Infant Son of ?. & S. E. Council
Aged 2y 23d
  Council Sarah Jan. 18, 1811 April 8, 1897 Mother
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  Curtis Gracie J.   Sept. 12, 1880 Dau. of T. W. & A. Curtis
Aged 2m 18d
  Duncan Jerome A.   Aug. 2, 1865 Son Of L. J. & R. Duncan
Aged 6y 3m 29d
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  Duncan Manford   Aug. 8, 18?1 Son of L. J. & R. Duncan
Aged 14y 5m 15d
  Duncan Rodigea   Oct. 16, 1868 Wife of L. J. Duncan
Aged ?7y 7m 15d
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  Duncan Ruth A.   Aug. 25, 186? Dau. of L. J. & R. Duncan
Aged 11y 8m
  Duncan William M.   Jan. 10, 1860 Son of L. J. & R. Duncan
Aged 2y 10m 8d
  Garvin George W.   Aug. 15, 18?? Aged 2y 5?m
Children Of G. W. & N. Garvin
  Garvin Infant   Sept. 14, 1853 Infant Son
Children Of George W. & Nancy Garvin
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  Garvin Mariah   July 9, 1849 Aged 3m
Children Of George W. & Nancy Garvin
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  Garvin Nancy   Aug. 9, 1856 Wife of G. W. Garvin
Aged 60y
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  Graham Martha E?. 1828 1911  
  Humphreys Infant   April 28, 1873 Infant Son of Z. & S. J. Humphreys
  Hutchens Infant   Sept. 10, 1855 Infant Dau. of S. & M. A. Hutchens
  Hutchens Infant   Sept. 10, 1855 Infant Son of S. & M. A. Hutchens
  Meacham Alcy J.   May 28, 18?1 Dau. of J. O. & M. Meacham
Aged 23y 1m 28d
  Meacham E. P.   Dec. 25, 1865 Aged 39y 6m
  Meacham Elizabeth   Aug. 23, 1838 Dau. of J. O. & M. Meacham
Aged 9m
  Meacham Infant   Jan. ?, 1815 Infant ? of ? & ? Meacham
  Meacham Isaac   July 22, 1853 Aged 51y 2m 17d
  Meacham James H.   Nov. 14, 1833 Son of J. & M. Meacham
Aged 1y 2m
  Meacham John H.   June 20, 1858 Aged 34y 7m 8d
  Meacham Mary   Sept. 25, 1851 Wife of Isaac Meacham
Aged 17y 27d
  Meacham Nancy   Oct. 31, 1853 Dau. of I. & M. Meacham
Aged 12y 19d
  Meacham Willis ?.   Sept. 12, 1858 Son of J. H. & M. Meacham
Aged 1y 1m 10d
  Miller Daniel   Nov. 9, 1848 Aged 30y 9m 5d
  Miller Elizabeth   Nov. 28, 1852 Aged 23y 11d
  Miller Mary M.   Aug. 6, 1852 Dau. of Ed. & M. L. Miller
Aged 1y 6m 18d
  Overbey Aquilla C.   ???? Son of J. S. & S. B. Overbey
Aged 1y 7m 11d
  Overton B. F. Nov. 1, 1840   God be with you till we
meet again.
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  Overton Infant   ???? ????
  Overton Infant   ???? ????
  Overton Nancy J. May 16, 1834 May 5, 1906 God be with you till we
meet again.
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  Rich William   Dec. 3, 18?? Aged 48y
  Richardson A. J.   March 7, 1860 Aged 29y 2m 18d
  Richardson Amanda E.   April 22, 1860 Dau. Of H. & R. E. Richardson
Aged 1y 1m 2d
  Richardson Amos   April 25, 1862 Son of Isaac & Louisa Richardson
Aged 16y 6m 13d
  Richardson Aquilla A.   Feb. 19, 1868 Son of H. & R. E. Richardson
Aged 2y 5m
  Richardson Caroline 1838 1905 His Wife
Wife of William Richardson
  Richardson Christena   Feb. 2, 1862 Dau. Of Isaac & Louisa Richardson
Aged 1y 6m 1d
  Richardson Harvey   May 10, 1872 Aged 48?y 28d
  Richardson Harvy B.   Oct. 1, 1871 Son of H. & M. E. Richardson
Aged ??
  Richardson Hatty L.   Sept. 8, 1867 Dau. Of H. & R. E. Richardson
Aged 3m 28d
  Richardson Isaac   Jan. 18, 1878 Aged 62y 8m 28d
  Richardson Jemima   Aug. 5, 1858 Wife of William Richardson, Sr.
Aged 51y 5m 1d
  Richardson Louisa   March 8, 18?1 Wife of Isaac Richardson
Aged 68y
  Richardson Martha E.   Sept. 7, 1861 Dau. of A. J. & I. Richardson
Aged 1y 11m
  Richardson Matilda E.   ???? Wife of Harvey Richardson
Aged ???
  Richardson Rebecca F.   May 18, 1867 Wife of H. Richardson
Aged 36y 10m 12d
  Richardson Robert   March 8, 1847 Aged 37y 10m 27d
  Richardson Sintha A.   Aug. 21, 1852 Dau. of William W. Richardson
Aged 2?y 1m 25d
  Richardson William, Sr.   Dec. 3, 1881 Aged 48y 2m 14d
  Richardson William 1844 1907  
  Snow Rachel J.   Feb. 6, 1886 Wife of A. F. Snow
Aged 59y 6m 21d
  Spindel Mary F.   Sept. 2, 1863 Dau. Of N. W. & J. W. Spindel
Aged 1y 8m 26d
  Spindel Newman W.   March 1, 1872 Aged 44y 5m 12d
  Spindel Rebecca F.   March 10, 1852 Wife of John Spindel
Aged 47y
  Spindel Sarah J.   April 30, 1868 Dau. of N. W. & J. W. Spindel
Aged 6y 6m 2d
  Spindel Sarah S.   Feb. 3, 1859 Dau. of J. H. & J. M. Spindel
Aged 3d
  Templeton George F.   April 1, 1865 Son Of W. & R. J. Templeton
Aged 15y 6m 21d
  Templeton John   ? ?, 1853 ????
  Templeton Robert E.   March 8, 1853 Son of W. & R. J. Templeton
Aged 3m
  Templeton William F.   Dec. 23, 1852 Aged 28y 3m 23d
  Templeton William H.   May 10, 1853 Son of W. & R. J. Templeton
Aged 3y 3m 5d
  Wanack ?. R.
    Co. F 7 ILL Cav.
Civil War
  Wanack Jacob   March 30, 1866 Aged 58y 10m 2d
  Wanack John   Jan. 10, 1898 Son of G. W. & K. L. Wanack
Aged ???
  Wanack Johney   June 30, 1871 Son of J. R. & R. A. Wanack
Aged 3y 9m 16d
  Wanack Louisa A.   Oct. 21, 1868 Wife of G. W. Wanack
Aged 35y 6m 6d
  Wanack Mary J.   Oct. 28, 1858 Wife of G. W. Wanack
Aged 29y 1m 28d
  Wanack Mary S.   Sept. 26, 1865 Dau. of J. R. & R. A. Wanack
Aged 4y 2m 4d
  Wanack N. M.   Dec. 29, 1861 Aged 20y
  Wanack Rebecca   Oct. 29, 1864 Wife of M. M. Wanack
Aged 30y 8m 27d
  Wanack Sarah   March? 11, 183?7? Wife of Jacob Wanack
Aged 37y 14d
  Wanack Sarah H. March 24, 1829 Feb. 21, 1883 His Wife
Wife of Tobias Wanack
  Wanack Susannah   Aug. 6, 1849 Dau. of J. & S. Wanack
Aged 19y 11m 8d
  Wanack Tobias Oct. 6, 1823 Dec. 27, 1903  
  Wanack William J.   Aug. 26, 185? Aged 6m 10d
  Wanack Willis ?.   Sept. 10, 1854 Son of T. & S. H. Wanack
Aged 2y 7m 10d
  Westbrook Amanda ?.   Sept. 18, 1854 Dau. of Henry & M. C. Westbrook
Aged 4y 9m 22d
  Westbrook Henry T.   Dec. 30, 1852 Aged 28y 1m 11d
  Young Harvy   March 2, 1853 Son of J. & S. A. Young
Aged 4y 7m 4d
  Young John   Feb. 2, 1858 Aged 40y 10m 20d
  Young Mary   Feb. 28, 1853 Dau. of J. & S. A. Young
Aged 2y 2m 9d
  Young Robert   May ?, 1849 Son of J. & J. C. Young
Aged 5y 7m
  Young Sintha A.   March 3, 1853 Wife of John Young
Aged 30y 8m 20d
  Youtsler John   Oct. 18, 1853 Son of R. & R. Youtslur
Aged 11y 25d

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