Hancock County, Illinois

Hi, I am Kim Hendrix and would like to welcome to the Hancock County, Illinois Cemeteries Project. If you would like to contribute headstone photos, obituaries or would like to transcribe and take pictures of the headstones in any cemetery in Hancock County, please email me.
Alton Cemetery Fountain Green Township  
Ammons Cemetery Durham Township  
Appanoose Cemetery
aka Jackson Cemetery
Avery Cemetery Durham Township  
Barnes Cemetery Fayette Township  
Barr Cemetery Prairie Township  
Basco South Cemetery Dallas Township  
Bean Family Cemetery
aka Bean Cemetery
Saint Albans Township  
Belknap Cemetery
aka Bloyd Cemetery
aka Dill Cemetery
Hancock Township  
Bethany Cemetery    
Bethel Cemetery    
Bethlehem Church of Christ Cemetery Walker Township  
Botts Cemetery Saint Mary's Township  
Bowen Cemetery    
Bowman Cemetery
aka Stark Cemetery
Saint Mary's Township  
Brakeensich Cemetery
aka Knott Cemetery
Bear Creek Township  
Breneman Farm Cemetery
aka Breneman Cemetery
aka Sanderson Cemetery
Brewer Cemetery Fountain Green Township  
Brown Cemetery Hancock Township  
Browning Cemetery    
Browning Family Cemetery Nauvoo Township  
Buckeye Cemetery    
Buckeye Cemetery
aka West Point Road Cemetery
Saint Albans Township  
Byley Cemetery
aka Union Cemetery
Durham Township  
Calvary Cemetery Carthage Township  
Cameron Cemetery Hancock Township  
Carthage Cemetery
aka Old City Cemetery
Carthage Township  
Catholic Cemetery
aka Sacred Heart Cemetery
Wilcox Township  
Catholic Cemetery Sonora Township  
Catholic and Lincoln Cemetery Fountain Green Township  
Chevellon Cemetery
aka Knott Cemetery
Bear Creek Township  
Chili Cemetery Chili Township  
Clark Cemetery Chili Township  
Clark Cemetery Wilcox Township  
Commerce Cemetery
aka Durphy Cemetery
Nauvoo Township  
Cook Cemetery    
County Farm Cemetery    
County House Cemetery Carthage Township  
Cozard Cemetery Bear Creek Township  
Crenshaw Cemetery    
Cutler Cemetery Nauvoo Township  
Darnell Cemetery Saint Mary's Township  
Daughery Cemetery Rocky Run Township  
Davis Mound Cemetery Apponoose Township  
Denver Cemetery    
Dundey Family Cemetery Nauvoo Township On Line This Site
Dundey Cemetery    
Durham Cemetery    
Earley Wasaw Cemetery Wilcox Township  
Elvaston Cemetery Prairie Township  
Enterprise Cemetery Durham Township  
Fletcher Cemetery Rocky Run Township  
Forgotten Men of Montebello Cemetery Momtebello Township  
Forsyth Cemetery    
Fountain Green Cemetery Fountain Green Township  
Franklin Cemetery Carthage Township  
Galloway Cemetery    
Gilhorpe Cemetery    
Gittings Cemetery    
Gittings Mound Cemetery    
Grafton Cemetery    
Graham Cemetery    
Grant Cemetery    
Green Plains Cemetery    
Green Valley Cemetery    
Greenwood Cemetery    
Groves Cemetery    
Hadley Cemetery    
Hardin Cemetery    
Harmony Cemetery    
Harnes-by King Cemetery    
Harris Cemetery    
Harter Cemetery    
Hawks Cemetery    
Holland Cemetery    
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery    
Indian Burying Cemetery    
Indian Cemetery    
Irwin Cemetery    
Ivy Wild Cemetery    
Joseph Smith Family Cemetery Nauvoo On Line This Site
Karns Cemetery    
Karr Family Cemetery    
Kesler Cemetery    
King Cemetery    
Kircher Cemetery    
Kiser Cemetery    
Kisey Cemetery    
Kittle Cemetery    
LaCrosse Cemetery    
LaHarpe City Cemetery    
LaHarpe Township Cemetery    
Lake Park Cemetery    
Lambert Cemetery    
Langley Family Cemetery    
Lermaire Cemetery    
Liberty Cemetery    
Lincoln Catholic Cemetery    
Little Family Cemetery    
Lofton Cemetery    
Logan Family Cemetery    
Lovery Stable Site Cemetery    
Lutheran Cemetery    
Luzadder Family Cemetery    
Mack Cemetery    
Mackie Family Cemetery    
Majorville Cemetery    
Manifolf Cemetery    
Mauk Cemetery    
Mayor Cemetery    
McCall Cemetery    
McConnell Cemetery    
McGee Cemetery    
McGregor Cemetery    
McKay Cemetery    
Middle Creek Cemetery    
Miller Cemetery    
Montebello Cemetery    
Morgan Cemetery    
Morrison Family Cemetery    
Moss Ridge Cemetery    
Mount Pleasant Cemetery    
Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Cemetery    
Myers Cemetery    
Nauvoo City Cemetery    
Nauvoo Township Cemetery   Partial Survey
On Line This Site
New City Cemetery    
Newer Payton Cemetery    
Niota Cemetery    
Oak Grove Cemetery    
Oakland Cemetery    
Oak Valley Missionary Cemetery    
Oakwood Cemetery Hamilton Partial Survey
On Line This Site
Old Augusta Cemetery    
Old Baptist Church Cemetery    
Old Brick Cemetery    
Old Carthage Cemetery    
Old City Cemetery    
Old Nauvoo Cemetery    
Old Sixteen Cemetery    
Older Payton Cemetery    
Older Payton #2 Cemetery    
Owen Family Cemetery    
Page Cemetery    
Payne Cemetery    
Pennock Cemetery    
Peter Smith Cemetery    
Pickens Cemetery    
Pilot Grove Cemetery    
Pioneer Saints Cemetery    
Pontoosuc Cemetery    
Prest Cemetery    
Providence Cemetery    
Pulaski Cemetery    
Ramsey Cemetery    
Rank Cemetery    
Red Men's Burying Ground Historical  
Riggins Cemetery    
Roberts Family Cemetery    
Rock Creek Cemetery    
Rockwell Cemetery    
Ronner Cemetery    
Rossetter Cemetery    
Sacred Heart Cemetery    
Saint Albans Cemetery    
Saint Marys Cemetery St. Marys Township Partial Survey
On Line This Site
Saint Peter's Street Cemetery    
Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery    
Salem Church-Sutter Cemetery    
Samuel Caldwell Cemetery    
Scott Cemetery    
Slocum Cemetery    
Smith Family Cemetery    
South Basco Cemetery    
South Hall Cemetery    
South Tenth Street Cemetery    
Spangler Cemetery    
Steimel Cemetery    
Steimel Family Cemetery    
Sterns Cemetery    
Sylvandale Cemetery    
Thornber Cemetery Powellton A Works In Progress
Photographed, Submitted & © by Deborah Whittenburg
Todd Cemetery    
Towles Cemetery    
Township Cemetery    
Trimble Cemetery    
Tull Cemetery    
Vandruff Cemetery    
Wade Cemetery    
Walker Cemetery    
Webster Cemetery   Partial Survey
On Line This Site
West Basco Cemetery    
West Point Cemetery   Partial Survey
On Line This Site
West Tioga Cemetery    
Willie Cemetery    
Woodland City Cemetery    
Woodring Cemetery    
Wright Cemetery    
Wythe Congregational Cemetery    
Wythe Presbyterian Cemetery    
Yetter Cemetery    
Zeth Cemetery    
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