Confederate Cemetery,
Alton, Madison County, Illinois

Photo submitted & © by: Doug Guthrie

The cemetery is located on Rozier St. a block west of State St.,
where it merges with Bell St., in North Alton.

Photo submitted & © by: Doug Guthrie

During the three years Alton Federal Military Prison was in existence (1862-1865)
over 11,000 Confederate prisoners passed through its gates.
  Conditions in the prison were bad and the mortality rate was high.
Hot, humid summers and cold Midwestern winters took a heavy toll on
prisoners already weakened by poor nourishment and inadequate clothing.
The prison was overcrowded much of the time and sanitary facilities were inadequate.
Pneumonia and dysentery were common killers but contagious diseases
such as smallpox and rubella were the most feared.
When smallpox infection became alarmingly high in the winter of 1862 and spring of 1863,
a quarantine hospital was located on an island across the Mississippi River from the prison.
  Up to 300 prisoners and soldiers died and were buried on "Smallpox" Island,
which is now under water.

The State of Illinois designated this cemetery for the burial of the
confederate soldiers who died in the military prison.
No individual markers were used, rather a monument was erected,
which lists the 1,534 prisoners' names, to honor both those who died
in the military prison and those who died on Smallpox Island.

Photo submitted & © by: Doug Guthrie


Photo submitted & © by: Doug Guthrie

Based on the plaques on each face of the monument,
I have, what I believe, is a complete transcription of this cemetery.
If you have any additional information which may be missing, please email me.

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