Howard County, Indiana

Hi, I am Kim Hendrix and would like to welcome to the Howard County, Indiana Cemeteries Project. If you would like to contribute headstone photos, obituaries or would like to transcribe and take pictures of the headstones in any cemetery in Howard County, please email me.

Jean Baptiste Richardville

In 1844 Howard County was originally named Richardville County, being first named in honor of Jean Baptiste Richardville, a chief of the Miami, born ca. 1761 and died Aug. 13, 1841. He was known as Pinsiwa meaning Wildcat which also was spelled Peshewa. He was a signatory to the Treaty of Greenville in 1795 and later treaties with the US through the Treaty of Mississinwas in 1826. He was also a fur trader who controlled an important portage connecting the Maumee River to the Little River. When he died in 1841 he was considered the wealthiest man in Indiana. He had acquired more than 20 square miles of property along the rivers. In 1827 he completed construction of a treaty house partially funded by the US. The Richardville House is the first in northeastern Indiana to be built in the Greek Revival style, the oldest Native American house in the state, and one of the few surviving treaty houses in the US. It was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 2012. Richardville's name was Pe-che-wa which translates to Wildcat, hence Wildcat Creek.

Tilghman Ashurst Howard

In 1846 the county was renamed to Howard County to commemorate General Tilghman Ashurst Howard, US Representative from Indiana. He was born Nov. 14, 1797 near Pickensville, South Carolina and died Aug. 16, 1844. He moved to Knoxville, Tennessee in 1816 and was admitted to the bar in 1818. In 1830 he moved to Bloomington, Indiana then to Rockville, Indiana in 1833. President Andrew Jackson appointed him district attorney for Indiana serving from 1833 to 1837. In 1838 he unsuccessfully sought to be elected to the US Senate. He was elected to the House of Representatives on Aug. 5, 1839 and served until he resigned on July 1, 1840. In 1841 he unsuccessfully defended the blasksmith Noah Beauchamp against a murder charge. Beauchamp was convicted and executed in Parke County, Indiana. Howard then sought election as Governor of Indiana in 1840 and as US Senator in 1843 but was unsuccessful. He was appointed charge d'affaires to the Republic of Texas on June 11, 1844. He died in Washington-on-the-Brazos, Texas and is buried in Rockville, Indiana. County Seat is Kokomo.

Adjacent counties are Miami County to the North, Grant County to the East, Tipton County to the South, Clinton County to the Southwest, Carroll County to the West and Cass County to the Northwest.

Photographing in Progress by Kim Hendrix

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Albright Cemetery,
aka Union Cemetery
Kokomo East, Taylor Township  
Alto Cemetery Harrison Township  
Alto Baptist Cemetery,
aka Cobb Cemetery,
aka Mount Baptist Cemetery,
aka First Baptist Cemetery
Harrison Township  
Amish Family Cemetery,
aka Lantz Cemetery
Howard Township  
Barnett Cemetery,
aka Ervin Township Cemetery
Russiaville, Ervin Township  
Bassett Cemetery,
aka Lower Colored Cemetery
Ervin Township  
Brown Cemetery,
aka Oak Mound Cemetery,
aka Butler Cemetery,
aka Old Butler Cemetery
Young America, Ervin Township Partial Survey
On Line This Site
Chandler Cemetery,
aka Jessup Cemetery
Greentown, Taylor Township  
Coleman Cemetery,
aka Clevinger Cemetery,
aka Clevenger Cemetery,
aka Groves Cemetery
Center Township  
Crown Point Cemetery Kokomo East, Center Township A Works In Progress
Photographed, Submitted & © 2015-Present by Kim Hendrix
For The United States Cemeteries Project
Freeman Cemetery Greentown, Liberty Township  
Gingerich Cemetery,
aka Gengerich Cemetery
Howard Township  
Greenlawn Cemetery,
aka Walberg Cemetery,
aka Wooter's Cemetery,
aka IOOF Cemetery,
aka Greentown Cemetery
Greentown, Liberty Township  
Hershburger Cemetery,
aka Burkholder Cemetery
Howard Township  
Hockstedler Cemetery Miami, Liberty Township  
Hopewell Church Cemetery Kokomo East, Howard Township Volunteer Photographer Needed
Hudson Cemetery Miami, Howard Township  
Jackson Morrow Park Kokomo On Line This Site
Jerome Cemetery,
aka Clark's Cemetery,
aka New Jerome Cemetery
Greentown, Union Township  
Kappa Cemetery Young America, Ervin Township  
Kendall Cemetery,
aka Curry Chapel Cemetery,
aka Cuppy Cemetery
Amboy, Jackson Township  
Kokomo Zion Cemetery,
aka Zion Church Cemetery
Howard Township  
Lamb Cemetery Liberty Township  
Lindley Cemetery Liberty Township  
Lower Kokomo Church Cemetery,
aka Currens Cemetery,
aka Mugg Cemetery
Taylor Township  
Martin Cemetery,
aka Indian Cemetery
Howard Township  
Mast Cemetery,
aka Hensler Cemetery
Miami, Liberty Township  
McCoy Cemetery Monroe Township  
Memorial Park Cemetery Kokomo East, Center Township  
Miller Cemetery Monroe Township  
Mound Cemetery,
aka Bell Mound Cemetery
Young America, Ervin Township  
New Hope Cemetery,
aka Ellis Cemetery,
aka Phlox Cemetery
Greentown, Union Township  
New London Friends Cemetery,
aka New London Cemetery,
aka Old Honey Creek Cemetery,
aka The Old Pioneer Cemetery
Monroe Township A Works In Progress
On Line This Site
Photographed, Submitted & © 2015-Present by Kim Hendrix
For The United States Cemeteries Project
North Union Cemetery Young America, Ervin Township  
Pete's Run Cemetery,
aka Old Comstock Cemetery
Russiaville, Ervin Township  
Pickett Cemetery,
aka Poplar Grove Friends Cemetery
Young America, Ervin Township  
Pioneer Cemetery,
aka Old Cemetery
Kokomo A Works In Progress
On Line This Site
Photographed, Submitted & © by Kim & Trey Hendrix
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
South side of 150 S at about 1030 W in Monroe Township  
Poff Cemetery,
aka Upper Kokomo Church Cemetery
Kokomo East, Taylor Township  
Price Cemetery Russiaville, Ervin Township  
Private Burial Site of Jefferson White
Stone moved to South Union Cemetery
Ervin Township  
Puckett Cemetery,
aka Christian Congregational Cemetery,
aka Paupers Cemetery,
aka Potter's Field Cemetery,
aka Spice Run Cemetery
Center Township  
Randolph Cemetery,
aka Union Seperate Baptist Cemetery
Kokomo, Taylor Township A Works In Progress
Partial Survey
On Line This Site
Volunteer Photographer Needed
Rush Cemetery,
aka Deer Creek Cemetery,
aka Hardimon Cemetery,
aka Harmon Cemetery,
aka Rush Cemetery Cemetery
Galveston, Ervin Township  
Russiaville Cemetery Russiaville, Honey Creek Township On Line This Site
A Works In Progress
Photographed, Submitted & © 2015-Present by Kim Hendrix
For The United States Cemeteries Project
Salem Cemetery Kokomo East, Howard Township  
Shiloh Cemetery,
aka Clay Cemetery
Clay Township  
Shrock Cemetery Amboy, Liberty Township  
Simpson Cemetery Union Township  
South Union Cemetery Russiaville, Ervin Township  
Stringer Cemetery Clay Township  
Sunset Memory Cemetery Kokomo West, Harrison Township  
Taylor Cemetery Honey Creek Township  
Twin Springs Cemetery Kokomo West, Harrison Township  
Union Civil Cemetery,
aka Fork of Wildcat Creek Cemetery,
aka Friends Cemetery
Greentown, Union Township  
? Family Cemetery Taylor Township  
? Cemetery Howard Township  
Upper Kokomo Church Cemetery,
aka Rickett Cemetery
Taylor Township  
White Cemetery ? Township Reported that all stones are missing
Young Cemetery Clay Township  

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