Butler County History & Veterans

Submitted & © by: Kim Hendrix

Dedicated To The Memory Of
PVT. Billie Gene Kanell
35th Infantry Regiment
25th Infantry Division - Company 1
Korean War
Awarded The
Congressional Medal Of Honor
And To All The Servicemen
Of Butler County, Missouri
Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice
For Democracy.

Submitted & © by: Kim Hendrix

Cervus Alces
B. P. O. E.
Poplar Bluff Lodge No. 2452
In Memory Of

World War I
Charles O. Brown, James A. Burkett, Earl H. Campbell, Varner M. Cravens, Clarence A. Earls, Henry Gean, Isaac C. Gibson, Garnet Gossett, Charley O. Gourley, George W. Hill, Hugh Hudson, John F. Jones, Gilbert Killian, Harry Langley, John Lee, Shirley Martin, Thomas H. Miller, Lester Mills, Earl Mitchell, Roy E. Mounts, H. G. Myrant, Charley Oden, Jilson S. Piatt, Arthur H. Pipkin, Arthur Ritchey, Calvin A. Robertson, Benjamin H. Romine, James Spencer, Vernie Stinebrook, Edward L. Timmons, Ruie C. Treece, Odies F. Uhl, Kibbie V. Willcut, Charles H. Wood

World War II
Lloyd J. Anderson, Lawrence C. Beaman, Edward F. Bounds, James H. Cardwell, Claude Daniels, James W. Dashner, Eual F. Dickens, Klime O. Elerson, Thomas D. Ferguson, Orville L. Garrison, Bruce Green, Earl Gray, Edward A. Grimes, William H. Harwell, Durwood F. Hastings, Donald Haynes, Elmer Heath Jr., Paul F. Innes,
Homer E. Jones, Russell D. Jones, Marion A. Luttrull, Raymond E. McKinzie, Major L. McMurtry, Hadley F. Morris, Alfred J. Newson, Robert D. Overfield, Carl E. Perry, Obie Pierce, William Porter, Sammy Post, Frederick L. Ramsey, George B. Reece, Arlie J. Robinson, Charles E. Roe, Roland J. Schoenemann, Charles O. Shaffley, Roland E. Sisk, Woodrow W. Stewart, Clinton Stinson, John S. Sutt Jr., Dorce E. Tuttle, Orville L. Webb, Sherman L. Barton, Don B. Bristow, Theodore L. Diamond, Herbert C. Goodrum, John L. Gowen, Juey Groom, William R. Hicks, James R. Odell, Basil R. Rosengrant, James G. Surber, Harold L. Todd, Willie F. Young, Eugene Epley, John Blair, Charles Powell

Jack A. Chaney, Robert L. Dukes, Charles D. Forrest, Robert Glaze, Van L. Halferty, Roy E. Hargiss, Glen Hollinghead, Billie G. Kanell, Claude E. Martin, Curtis C. Raper, James P. Robertson, Ray F. Voyles, Ralph B. Webb, Robert E. Welker,
Lyman L. Wilcox, David Woodruff

Lloyd D. Armor, William C. Avery, Ronald David Cobb, Freddie D. Dickens, Michael L. Endicott, Garclee M. Fredwell, John A. Gigson, Michael R. Goins, Edewin C. Harmon, Harold U. Hayes, Dale F. Hudson, Famous L. Lane, Ernest D. Menley, Paul J. Miller, Jerry L. Miller, Edward J. Muller, Robert J. Neal, Stephen B. Peel, Riley D. Raulston, Harold W. Reinbatt Jr., Robert D. Richardson, Harold R. Harris, Gary L. Schemel, Barry F. Scott, Charles H. Stepp, George E. Stewart, John F. Suggs Jr., James E. Tinsley, Bobbie G. Wooten

The Faults Of Our Brothers We Write Upon The Sand
Their Virtues Upon Tablets Of Love And Memory

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