Volunteer Photographers Needed!!!

Let's help those who cannot make the trip to these cemeteries and get these headstone photos online to share with everyone! Volunteers are Greatly Needed and Greatly Appreciated!!!

Click here for Photographing & Submitting Photos

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Thank you for your support

Due to high volume of emails regarding linking up to already transcribed and/or photographed cemetery websites, we will no longer be accepting links to different websites.
HOWEVER, IF you would like to share by submitting the information and/or photographs to us,
we will be more than happy to add them to our website.
OR IF you would like to Volunteer to transcribe and take photographs of a cemetery near you please let us know! Thankyou!

If you have some cd's or flashdrives or memory cards to mail to me, please email me (noting in the subject line the cemetery name, town, county & state) for my new mailing address. In August 2014 we moved from 1 state to another state. If you have emailed me at one of my state email addresses please email me again at kimtreyh@yahoo.com as I no longer have access to each of my state email accounts. Thankyou! Kim Hendrix

Please note that all of my state email addresses I no longer have access to so please email me at kimtreyh@yahoo.com for my new mailing address or for any querries. Below are APPROXIMATE dates I will be working on which state. Each date may change at any given time due to family and other circumstances. On days listed as Busy can mean anything whether I am Busy with gardening, canning, family, etc., or that I am out photographing local cemeteries, or that I am working on various states. Weather also plays a major part on whether I am working on the site or not, if it's storming out I will not turn on my computer and risk the loss of my computer due to lightning. Weekends and Holidays are reserved for Family Time. Thankyou! Kim Hendrix

Please Check Back Often as the calender will change! Thankyou!

In Memory Of My Best Friend, Emily!
Rest Easy Emily, Job Well Done! You Will Forever Be Missed, But Never Forgotten!
April 2008-Aug. 6, 2016

NOVEMBER - DECEMBER I will work on this site if time permits

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